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Menu Plan Monday – September 28

This week I am going to use the crock pot for our dinners. I have been busy with work and have been staying later than usual. The result is we haven’t been eating homemade meals.

On Saturday morning, the Wee One and I went shopping. We got all the meat and other ingredients for the meals.

After we got home from shopping, I put the hamburger in the crock pot. While we had family time, the hamburger was cooking. The cooked hamburger will be used for sloppy Joe and the soup. Then I put the stewing meat into smaller containers since I bought a family pack.

Onto the meal plan:

Monday – roasted chicken in the crock pot, baked potatoes, veggie

Tuesday – sloppy Joe, chips, salad

Wednesday – Italian beef and pasta soup, crescent roll, salad

Thursday – out to eat, the Wee One, Hubby, and I are going to a concert

Friday – beef stew with Easy Peasy Cheesy Garlic bread made from leftover hamburger buns

Saturday – Potluck dinner

Happy Eating,

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