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I’m Sorry

I haven’t been posting any recipes or my menu plan this week.  Last week I battled a nasty sinus infection.  I thought I got better from it.  Then my boys got sick.  They were very sleepy and weren’t eating very much.  The Wee One ended up staying home from school for two days last week.  Fortunately, the Imaginative One got sick over the weekend, so he didn’t miss school.

Monday night came, and I started to come down with a headache and sore throat.  It was persistent into Tuesday, Wednesday, and today.  I went to Doctor’s Urgent Care, and it isn’t the flu or Strep A.  I’m on antibiotics for it.  I’m not allowed to go back to work until Monday.  Since I was down for two days, I haven’t been in the kitchen or at the computer.

Tonight was the first time I could tell Hubby what was in the fridge/freezer that he could cook up or warm up.  His mom provided their supper last night, and we did Tim Horton’s the night before.  I’ve been just trying to force myself to eat something.  Food is not too appealing to me right now.  It looks good but doesn’t taste the I would expect it to.  The bummer is that I’m not digging chocolate right now.  😦  I’ve enjoyed cuties.  I also craved Whopper Jrs. and Dr. Pepper.  Hubby got me those after the doctor’s appointment.  He was glad I wanted to eat something.

So when I feel better, I’ll be back to blogging.

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