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Foodie Pen Pal – January 2014

This month I was paired up with Megan.  Megan writes a blog called St. Louis Dietician.  Check out her blog for health tips.

Ohio was part of the country impacted by the Polar Vortex at the beginning and end of the month.  Since the jet stream was further south than usual, we got snow from Alberta Clippers.  For three days straight, we got snow during the day.  I had stressful commutes home on two days because of the road conditions.  I was greeted with the box after that second commute.  I absolutely loved the box, so that put a smile on my face after my stressful commute.

I’ve tried everything in my box.  One of my favorites was the dark chocolate mint bar.  I eat only one block of it at a time, so I can savor it.  Another favorite was peppermint tea.  I love mint teas, so this was perfect.  I’ve been using the Greek Seasoning on air-popped popcorn and coconut oil instead of butter.  Yum!  The olive oil granola was quickly eaten for breakfast.  I love the combination of cashews and pistachios.  In fact,  I keep a container of almonds, pistachios, and almonds at work so I can eat some when my stomach growls.

Thank you, Megan, for a great box.

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