Dinner Conversations

We eat dinner together most days.  It is important to both Hubby and I.  We were both brought up eating dinner as a family.  So we want to continue this tradition with the boys.  Our conversations can be so funny at times because you never know what the boys might say.

Here are some of our conversations:


  • WO = Wee One
  • IO = Imaginative One

Hubby told the boys he used to have a mustache because he wanted to look older.  He shaved it off when he turned 30.
IO:  Did you get a senior discount at the movie theater?

Me:  Why are you so loud?
WO:  I was born in the year of the rooster.
IO:  When was I born?
WO:  In the year of the ram, that’s why you are so ramy.

IO:  These fries are so spicy.
Me:  Then quit eating them.
IO:  (Dips the fries in the ketchup.)  These fries are so spicy.
Me:  Then quit eating them.
(This pattern continued several time.  He ended up eating 2 servings of the fries.)

IO:  Why can’t you tell eggs jokes?
Me:  I don’t know.
IO:  They might crack up.

IO:  I go to the University of Monkey Face.  I take classes about how to make glasses for seals and another class is arm pit smelling class.   Kids 62 is the newspaper for the University of Monkey Face and Kids 68 is the normal newspaper.

IO:   This spinach tastes different.
Me: I just opened the container.
IO: Maybe I like aged spinach or something.

WO taking the onions out out of his sauce.
WO: I’m a ghost hunter. I think this is ghost slime.

These are a few of the dinner conversations we have had at our house lately.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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