Dinner Conversations

We eat dinner together most days. It is important to both Hubby and me. We were both brought up eating dinner as a family. So we want to continue this tradition with the boys. Our conversations can be fun because you never know what the boys might say.

Here are some of our conversations:


  • WO = Wee One
  • IO = Imaginative One

Hubby told the boys he used to have a mustache because he wanted to look older. He shaved it off when he turned 30.
IO:  Did you get a senior discount at the movie theater?

Me:  Why are you so loud?
WO:  I was born in the year of the rooster.
IO:  When was I born?
WO:  In the year of the ram, you are so ramy.

IO:  These fries are so spicy.
Me:  Then quit eating them.
IO:  (Dips the fries in the ketchup.)  These fries are so spicy.
Me:  Then quit eating them.
(This pattern continued several times. He ended up eating 2 servings of the fries.)

IO:  Why can’t you tell eggs jokes?
Me:  I don’t know.
IO:  They might crack up.

IO:  I go to the University of Monkey Face. I take classes about making glasses for seals, and another is an armpit-smelling class.   Kids 62 is the University of Monkey Face newspaper, and Kids 68 is the normal newspaper.

IO:   This spinach tastes different.
Me: I just opened the container.
IO: Maybe I like aged spinach or something.

WO taking the onions out of his sauce.
WO: I’m a ghost hunter. I think this is ghost slime.

These are a few of the dinner conversations we have had at our house lately. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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