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Menu Planning Monday – July 1st

Monday – (The Imaginative One’s delicious food day.)

Tuesday – 

  • B – Smoothie (Imaginative One’s favorite breakfast), sausage links
  • L – corn dogs, raw veggies, Cheez-Its
  • D – Easy Pepper steak in the slow cooker, pasta, salad

Wednesday –

  • B – French Toast Mini Muffins, fruit
  • L – sandwiches, raw veggies, Cheez-Its
  • D – Chicken and broccoli stir fry in the slow cooker, rice

Thursday – Happy Fourth of July!!!

  • B – Smoothie, sausage links
  • L – Corn dogs, raw veggies, Cheez-Its
  • D – Hamburgers, French fries, veggie

Friday – 

  • B – Cereal
  • L – Waffle House (Going out with my mom to celebrate birthdays)
  • D – Barbecue Chicken sandwiches, chips, salad

Saturday –

  • B- French toast (or French toast sticks), fruit
  • L – Pizza or sandwich
  • D – Left-over night

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