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A Birthday Packed Full of Memories

A couple of weeks ago, the Wee One wanted to go on a date with his mom so we decided to go to King’s Island for his birthday.  The trip would take the place of a birthday party.  His only concern was “Am I still going to get presents?”  The concerns of an 8 year old.

Since it was his first visit and my first visit in 11 years, we were super excited!  ðŸ™‚  We left early on Saturday morning  so we could get there before the park opened for the day.  As we stood waiting for the rope to come down, the Wee One was so anxious.  He kept asking me when we could go into the park.  “How many more minutes mom?”  Finally after the National Anthem was sung, we were on our way.  

First ride of the day was the Viking Fury.  The Wee One let the attendant know that it was his birthday so they told us to go to another ride because they had  something for him.  At first he loved the ride, then it went higher and higher.  He was afraid he was going to call out so he grabbed onto me and held on tight.  Afterwards he told me that he would ride it again when he got bigger and braver.  

We headed over to Adventure Express to pick up the birthday surprise.  It ended up an invitation to come back later for a celebration of his birthday.  He was too short to ride Adventure Express.  I wanted to ride it though so he sat to the side while I rode it.  (Only time we did that all day.)

We were right next to all of the games.  The Wee One wanted to do all of them especially the ones that had a giant Pikachu.  He doesn’t understand that it costs money and he’s lucky if he wins one of those prizes.  So we didn’t try those games.  Okay later in the day, I allowed him to try one that cost $1.  He didn’t win 😦  but I didn’t allow him to try more than once. While we were in that area we rode the Scrambler.  He really enjoyed that ride.

Next stop was White Water Canyon.  There was absolutely no line so we got on right away.  The smile on his face every time we got wet was priceless.  He loved that ride.  Since there were people in line, we could not stay on the ride but they told him about a shortcut.  So we did that.  He had a blast and told the other people on the ride where all of the water would hit them.  Afterwards we went back to the shortcut and once again got on the ride.  This time there were 3 kids on the ride and they had a blast – laughing and talking about the water.  ðŸ™‚  It was wonderful to see.  One of the boys and his father decided to ride on the ride again so they did the shortcut also.  The father and I had a hard time keeping up with them because of their excitement.  Unfortunately we were not on the same boat but the little boy waved at the Wee One before we left the launching dock.  We didn’t ride it for a fifth time because it was starting to get busy.

Right next to the White Water Canyon is the train to Soak City.  We rode on it so we could go over there to get some relief from the heat.  The Wee One loved the wading pool (Coconut Grove) and the water slide that was just his size.  He’s wanted to ride on a water slide for at least 2 years so this was a plus 

After playing in the water for an hour, we went over to Planet Snoopy.  The Wee One was hungry so we decided to get some food once we got there.  I was surprised and happy when he saw the strawberries and whipped cream and asked for those.  We ended up having the strawberries and the soft pretzel.  He bought himself a bag of cotton candy.  While we were eating, we saw a show was going to be starting soon so we went to that show.  Since we were one of the first visitors waiting for the show, they asked him if he wanted to go on stage during the show.  How cool!

He ended up on stage in a toy jeep being pushed around by a person in a Charlie Brown costume.  What a way to remember his birthday!  After the show, we went over to a gift shop and bought him a small Charlie Brown stuffed animal to remind him of his special birthday.


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