Letter to Moore, OK

The Imaginative One has decided to write a letter to those affected by the May 20 tornado.  He was saddened but also proud of the people of Moore, OK.  Here is his letter:

Dear people of Moore, OK:

I heard about the tornado.  I am sorry about the people who were hurt or killed.  I heard some sad stories but also some stories of real heroes, like a teacher who was found under a car with 3 kids under her.  Also, one is about a lady who tells about her experience of how her dog has swept away from her during the tornado.  Suddenly they heard a sound and discovered the dog was just hidden under the debris and come out when he heard her voice.  

I am sure some of the missing people will be found, but before they are found, let’s hope they are okay.  God be with them, is my plea.  

If I could, I would go down there to help search for the missing people and give some of my clothes, toys, books, and other things to the kids who have lost so much.  

My prayers are with the people who live there.

The Imaginative One – May 21, 2013

One response to “Letter to Moore, OK”

  1. That is a touching letter. As a mom, you must be very proud and humbled by such as great sense of empathy and concern for other people. Thank you for sharing this letter with us.

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