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Need to get refocused

I had been doing great with my eating. Then illness and other things halted my progress. Spring break was a killer for me. I didn’t eat right during a lot of it. I’ve gained back a pound, so I need to refocus before it’s multiple pounds.

Today was my first day from break. I was so busy with getting work done and teaching. I’ve got to make sure I have time to eat lunch. That is one of my biggest problems. Too few calories are just as bad as too many calories. I need to make sure those calories count also. Today for lunch, I had orzo pasta salad with a pesto dressing. The veggies in the salad were broccoli, tomatoes, and yellow peppers. There were also some chopped black olives and feta cheese in the salad. Yum! I also had a Chobani blood orange yogurt and a cutie. It was a good lunch.

Breakfast is also an issue for me. I’ve been doing better about having breakfast. However, when I am working, I take it with me with the intention of eating it all. I usually only finish part of it. I’m just not hungry before I leave for work.

So if I can work on eating a better lunch and completing my breakfast, I think I’ll do better in my quest to get healthier.

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