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My Journey part 5

So November of 2012, I was transferred from the middle school to the elementary and I joined Elf 4 Health.

The bathroom right next to my room has a full length mirror in it. Almost every time, I went to the restroom. I would look at a side view of myself and just shake my head. I couldn’t believe how I let myself go. I was afraid I would continue to gain weight. Not a very good feeling.

My first elf was Lyndi. She is awesome. We emailed each other on a daily basis, several times in the day. We discussed what we were eating and about our day. She encouraged me. During that time, I did most of the challenges and started to get my feet wet into a lifestyle change not just me playing a numbers game.

Then I was matched up with Gretchen. We still email each other several times a week. She also encouraged me. I felt like I can do this.

My third elf only emailed me a few times. Fortunately Gretchen and I continued to be each other’s elves.

During the last few weeks of the Elf 4 Health, I participated in more of the challenges. I loved they were both for spiritual well-being and also physical health.

Although I had already learned some new eating habits, I learned even more. I tried new foods – chia seeds, PB2, and green smoothies. I started putting more veggies in my dishes. I became aware of how much fiber needed to be in my diet.

I learned how it’s important to move and be active. I’m not where I need or want to be in that aspect of becoming healthy.

Most of I learned to love me! Once that occurred the extra weight began to come off. I’m now 0.5 pounds from having what is considered a healthy BMI.

My journey is not complete. I still have more to learn. But I’m on my way to becoming healthier.

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