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My West Virginia October 2020 Trip Videos Part 3 of 3

This is a collection of videos from Hubby and my trip to Elkins, WV. During the 3 day excursion, we visited the West Virginia Wildlife Center, traveled around the Monongahela National Forest, explored our “cabin” and backyard river, visited Buckhannon, and rode on a train to see fall foliage.

We traveled there because it was the one year anniversary of my mom’s death. Buckhannon was her favorite place to visit, so this was a way of remembering her legacy she left for me. Her favorite time to visit was during the fall.

Today’s video includes visiting her college campus. She loved West Virginia Wesleyan and would go to homecoming as often as she could. She would get the Sundial which is the newsletter/ newspaper from the college. I often heard stories about different people she knew during the 2 years she attended the college. It was appropriate we visited the campus on the year anniversary of her death.

Since there are a total of 12 videos in this series, I’m going to share 4 each on the posts. Enjoy visiting West Virginia during the peak fall foliage.

Join me next time for another installment from our trip to West Virginia in October 2020.

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