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Food Memories (December 2020)

Chocolate Covered Cherries

My grandpa loved his chocolate and coffee. One of his favorite chocolate treats was chocolate covered cherries. This year I was going to buy a few single pieces. However, the day after Christmas I ended up at Walmart. Since the candy was 50% off, I decided to buy myself a box of chocolate covered cherries. Yum! As I eat the chocolates, I will remember where he sat in his family room and all the chocolate he kept by his seat.


When I was born, we lived in eastern Pennsylvania where TastyKakes were popular. My mom would love to get the treats. Her favorite variation of the cakes was the Butterscotch Krimpets. She would have me stop at Speedway – where we would find them where we live – to see if they had the butterscotch krimpets. Today we were visiting various grocery stores to find different generic Dr. Peppers to have a taste testing. One of the places we stopped was Publix – a place I hadn’t been to since 1995. As I was walking around, we saw the TastyKake Butterscotch Krumpets, so we had to buy it. Even though I don’t have my mom around for Christmas, I have a memory of her during this season.

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