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Corybantic – Word of the Day – September 29

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Exhausted and frustrated from technology woes,

Hunger rang throughout my body,

I took a deep breath as I logged onto Zoom,

And reminded myself, “You can do this.”

“Good morning, T!” rang out of my mouth.

“How are you today?” I questioned him.

The lesson flowed,

We spent the hour learning about sequencing and subtraction,

Knocking on the place value next door to borrow ten more,

Making sure to take a break for jumping jacks between sessions,

After saying good-bye on a high from an excellent intervention,

I continued onto the next two students.

Once again, frustration flowed through my veins,

As I remotely helped a student log in,

Singing over, the password is . . .

My corybantic self made one student laugh,

While the other told me I was corny.

This the life of a special educator teaching remotely.

One moment you are feeling on top of the world,

Corybantic wanting to pass on that joy.

The next moment, you feel defeated,

And tears fill your eyes.

This moment will pass.

It’ll be one of those stories you’ll tell when you are old.

The ones that will cause your children and grandchildren to roll their eyes.

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