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What do you see? – September 28, 2020

I was hiking a cool serene lake in the middle of nowhere. All I can hear for miles around me is an unreal silence with an occasional chirp, leaves crunching, and a frog croaking. I was in nirvana.

Suddenly the most magical experience happened when this beautiful brave bird flew around my head. As I sat there drinking in the pure beauty of the landscape, he flew closer to me.

During one his flights around me, I reached out my hand slowly. At first, he continued flying around me becoming braver with each lap. Deciding I was not a threat, he hopped in my hand.

Without alarming him, I grabbed my camera and captured this moment in time with him. As soon as the shutter clicked and the photo captured, he was off. He was on his way back home.

I continued my hike in awe of that moment in time. No one was going to believe me when I told them the story of how I became friends with a bird. Luckily I have a photo to show them.


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