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We’re Leaving in An Hour

Twas the night before Easter. I was getting bored just sitting around the townhouse Hubby and I lived in at that time. I actually had time off and wanted to drive.

So I called my sister and told her to be ready in an hour. We were going on a road trip. With no real plan, we started driving down I-70 westward bound. She had never been west of Indianapolis, so I knew we needed to go at least that far.

After driving through Indianapolis, I continued driving until we hit the Illinois border. We found a hotel to spend the night.

Easter morning, we woke up and had to make a choice. We could continue onto St. Louis or go north to Chicago. She chose Chicago so away we went.

It was quiet on that Easter morning in Chicago. We found some free parking, what?!? Then we hopped onto a trolley to the Navy Pier area. Afterwards we drove down N. Lake Shore Drive to I-94 north.

We decided to continue driving north to the Wisconsin border which was a town called Kenosha. After finding a hotel, we went to a local K-Mart to get Easter candy. We laughed because our candy that year was bought at K-Mart.

The next morning, we woke up and drove back home through northern Indiana back to Ohio.

Why was this one of my favorite road trips? It was both spontaneous and was with my sister. Zero photos exist because this was the time before digital cameras were the norm. Cell phones did exist but they were not as readily available as now.

A few memories that I can’t figure out why I can remember them. Someone getting upset at me driving not as fast as I should on N. Lakeshore Drive. And going to a rest stop/ turnpike travel plaza and getting a salad at Burger King. I have no clue why I can remember those 2 minor details.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

One thought on “We’re Leaving in An Hour

  1. Love this!

    The spontaneous, out-of-the-box, events which take place in life are the best! And, yes, we tend to hold onto those memories more than others. Maybe it’s not all the planning, and often the stress, that can go along with a planned trip.

    Sounds like you had a fun time!

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