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Getting more bang for your buck – Writing Scripture – After Writing and Reading (Part 2)


Part 1

Instead of just reading the Bible, I take an active route to understanding and learning God’s word.

Two ways I have done that are through live readings on Facebook and then dissecting what I have read to try to make sense of what I had just read and by writing scripture. Today I’m going to discuss what I do after I write and read the scripture.


After reading the verse(s), I read either the chapter or several verses before and after to make sure I get the context of the verse. Sometimes we take the verse out of context when we only read that verse.


Research is key. There are two websites I like to use to help me research a particular book of the Bible.

  1. Bible Hub
  2. Bible Project

Bible Hub is excellent for finding maps and other reference pieces.

I like the Bible Project because they have both downloadable posters about each of the books of the Bible and also videos about different topics.


Once you have done your research, it’s time to “tear” apart the verse. Now I don’t actually mean you need to tear it apart. We are going to analyze it.

Box or underline unknown words, key phrases, or anything else that sticks out to you. Once you have boxed in the unknown words, define them. An excellent site is either the Merriam-Webster website or Bible Study Tools. If you want to go low tech, you can use a paperback dictionary. There is no wrong way to do this.

After defining the words, summarize or write down any connections you have made to the verse. Write down ways you can apply the lesson you learned while reading this particular Bible verse.

Again there is no wrong way to do this, these are your notes.


Pray – God wants to hear from you. Thank him for the wisdom these words may have provided you.

In Conclusion

You can use the same verse repeatedly. Each time, you may get different insight depending on the circumstances of your life at that moment.

There is no wrong way to get into scripture. The only wrong was is not getting into it at all. You never know what knowledge you may pick up each time you read the Bible.

I’m going to leave you with the same thought as my previous post. If you don’t feel comfortable while being with God, then you are less likely to want to commune with God.

Get comfortable being with God. Get into his word and see the blessings from reading the Bible.

May you be blessed,

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