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Getting more bang for your buck – Writing Scripture – Setting up (Part 1)

Instead of just reading the Bible, I take an active route to understanding and learning God’s word.

Two ways I have done that are through live readings on Facebook and then dissecting what I have read to try to make sense of what I had just read and by writing scripture. Today I’m going to start to discuss how I write scripture.


How do I find the verses that I’m going to write? I have found Sweet Blessings. She provides a scripture writing plan each month based on a theme like contentment and forgiveness. She doesn’t label them by the date instead she labels them by Day 1, etc . . . so you can pick up whenever you want to pick up with the writing plan.

Another one is Symphony of Praise’s Inscribe the Word. She also provides monthly scripture writing plans based on a theme.

Go whichever one that makes you comfortable.


Find a notebook and pens that you can use to keep track of the Bible verses you write. I love using Flair pens or the Sharpie fine pens because of color. I get my notebooks from WalMart. However, it’s up to you to decide what you are going to use. It needs to feel comfortable to you.


Do you need a physical Bible to do this writing exercise? Honestly, no. You could certainly use Bible Hub or Bible Gateway instead of a physical Bible. I would highly suggest having a Bible and also using Bible Gateway, which by the way has an app that is wonderful. Why would I want both? There are many different translations to the Bible. You might find one that is comfortable to you but may want to read it in a different translation. The Bible Gateway allows you to do that.


Translations – What do you mean there are different translations of the Bible? Yes, there are a whole bunch of different translations from the King James version to the New International Translation to the Message. Use the Bible Gateway to see which translation feels comfortable to you. Each one may have just a slight different way to say the same thing.


Today’s final piece of advice is to find a sacred place for you to commune with God. You will be communing with God while you are writing the Scripture. HE wants you to be in his word. So make a place the you can read HIS word. Once again, you need a place you feel comfortable.

As you can see, the key word is comfort. If you don’t feel comfortable while being with God, then you are less likely to want to commune with God. By the way to commune means feel in close spiritual contact.

Next time, I’m going to discuss what I do AFTER I’ve written the scripture.

May you be blessed,

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