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Not On My Honeymoon

Back in 2000, Hubby and I went on our honeymoon. We had been married for a year.

Where do you think we went?

Well, Disney of course. While there, I turned 25 years old.

It was my first time there since my College Program. I was so excited to show Hubby around the World since it had been 15 or so years since he had been there.

I was also excited because I was going to be able to finally step foot in the Animal Kingdom because I watched it being built while I was on my College Program.

The first few days of the Honeymoon was great. We enjoyed spending time in Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom.

Then the worse possible thing happened while down in Walt Disney World. I ended up with food poisoning. I spent all day Wednesday of my honeymoon stuck in our Mighty Ducks hotel room. All day long, I was worshiping the white porcelain God.

It was either the Key Lime Pie at the Rainforest Cafe or from drinking at the water fountains. I can eat Key Lime pie now but ever since then I don’t drink at water fountains.

The next day I was able to get out of our hotel room. We went to EPCOT and had breakfast or lunch at the Garden Grill. They gave us a free cake since it was our honeymoon. I don’t think I was able to eat any of it because my stomach was still upset.

We left on Friday of that week. I only wished I hadn’t gotten sick. The flight home was interesting but that is a story for another day.

The next year, we drove down to Walt Disney World in order to have a second honeymoon.

Never get sick in Disney. And not on your honeymoon. That’s the moral of my story.

3 thoughts on “Not On My Honeymoon

  1. Awww. Disney world is great when there’s a big gap in years like that between visits. It really makes it magical. Food poisoning is not magical. Disney has changed much since 2000, though. It’s nearly 20 years. Tech changes including food products and refrigeration have occurred. We were last there in 2015. I don’t recall water fountains. This is the bottled water generation. Everyone drinks bottled water or other Hi-c, juice, etc. and that’s what Disney sells on carts and counter services everywhere. They also sell water bottles and sippy bottles in gift shops you can fill yourself, like in your room, before you hit the parks. Or people bring their own with them.

  2. Aw. I imagine it’s extra annoying to get sick at the Happiest Place on Earth, while on your honeymoon. I’ve never even thought about getting sick from a water fountain – now I’ll be on the lookout, as it makes perfect germ-spreading sense.

    Just here via Mama Kat’s!


  3. Ok going to Disney as an adult without kids is seriously so fun, but I do not recommend getting sick on vacation. I’m glad you were able to rebound from it at least a little bit (and I bet your husband was glad too!).

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