Toledo Zoo Part 3 – Post #4

This is my final post about the Toledo Zoo.

Today’s video takes us to the primates and some of the bigger land animals.

We enjoyed watching the baby orangutan.  He was extremely active while we were observing him.  So cool!

The hippo was also interesting to watch.  He/She was in the water and then got out of the water and yawned.  Made for some neat photos.

The bear was also cool.  He was at the window taking a bath in his tub.  We enjoyed watching him.

We got lost in the zoo.  Even though we had a map, we could not find the African animals, I believe that is the area we were looking for.  We eventually found the area.

After we were done with the zoo, we went to Red Lobster for dinner.  Two of my co-workers had given me a gift certificate to Red Lobster so we utilized the gift certificate.  Then it was time for us to go home.

Enjoy the video.

A few days after going to the Toledo Zoo, we visited the Newport Aquarium just outside of downtown Cincinnati.  The next blog post in this series is about the Newport Aquarium.

This blog series is a 9 part series – 4 posts from the Toledo Zoo, 3 from the Newport Aquarium, and 2 from the Boy Scout Camp.

Have a magical day,

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