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Molly and My EPIC Adventure #4 Plans

This summer, I’m not taking a vacation.  Last summer, I took 1 vacation, 1 EPIC adventure, and 1 road trip.

This summer, I’m going to have an EPIC adventure.  Plans have been put into place.  Molly and  I are excited about the 4.5 days she will be here because they are jam-packed.

She arrives on the 24th at 2ish in the afternoon.  Day 1 will only be driving around to where I grew up, work, and where my sister is buried.  Mom is going to be going along on this drive because she can give more detail about the history of some of the places.

We’ll eat dinner at my place that night and either swim or get into the hot tub.

On Monday morning, we will get up early and hit the road.  She had never been to Kentucky before, so we traveled to Louisville.

While in Louisville, we are going to the Ali Center, the Louisville Slugger Museum, and the Kentucky Derby Museum and taking a boat cruise in the evening.

(Tuesday)  Since she had never been to Indiana, we are traveling back to Ohio via Indiana.  We found a roadside attraction in Versailles, Indiana, that we will try to find called Paulhedge.  I have only been to the part of Indiana that is along I-70 and Indianapolis and northern Indiana.  I’ve never been to southeast Indiana.

We will go to Jungle Jim’s on our way back, and depending on how tired we feel, we may also head over to Lebanon to see the Golden Lamb.  The rest of the evening will be spent relaxing.

On Wednesday, we will eat breakfast at one of my favorite brunch spots.  Then we are heading to Carillon Park and Hawthorn Hill.  Afterward, we will hit up a donut shop, a coffee shop, a quick service restaurant featuring gourmet hot dogs, and a store specializing in chocolate.

After going home for a rest, we are going to a baseball game downtown in Dayton.

On Thursday of that trip, we are heading northeast to see the Ohio Caverns and maybe a castle.

On our way home, we will eat ice cream at Young’s Dairy and explore Yellow Springs again.

She is leaving Friday morning.  (Insert sad face)

After I drop her off at the airport, the Imaginative One and I are heading down to King’s Island for a fun day.

All this fun during the week is the reason we call it EPIC adventures.

There is so much more I would love to do with her, but there is not enough time.

Have a magical day,

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