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Mom, What’s For Dinner? – April 16, 2018

We actually sat down as a family twice last week so that is a win in my book.


Meal prepping is key to eating healthy.

I also use it as a countdown to the weekend.  I made up 4 containers of roasted veggie with tahini dressing last week.  As the week progressed, my tower of meal prep containers dwindled down.  I knew that the weekend was approaching quickly.


Granola – I have homemade granola and some of my favorite granola from Second Street Market.

Smoothie – Spinach, juice, frozen fruit topped with chia seeds – YUM!

Cottage Cheese with peaches – Yum!

Hard boiled eggs/ deviled eggs


Lemon Dill Greek Pasta Salad

Salads – I got some salad kits at Trader Joe’s so I’ll use those for my lunches instead of cutting up greens.

Popcorn the custodian makes on a daily basis


Honey Seasame Chicken for the boys, Meatless Orange Chicken over rice for me

Instant Pot Enchilada Quinoa

BBQ Pulled Chicken for the boys, Grilled Cheese or something else for me

Lasagna- Meat for the boys and spinach for me – I may have goat cheese and sundried tomato ravioli instead of the spinach lasagna

We have court of honor on Tuesday.  I’m going to make my bramble beans, baked beans with meatless crumbles for me, and salad.  I also have to bring a dessert.  I may make cookies.


Have a magical day,


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