Sunday Morning – A Visit With My Friend’s Grandpa (Blog Post #13)

Over winter break, I discovered how to make a video with the photos I have taken.  Instead of a collage, I have a YouTube video of the Sunday morning of my trip.

On Sunday morning of my trip, we headed down to Naples, New York to see Molly’s grandpa.

On our drive, we went past Bristol Mountain which is a local ski resort.  Molly drove into the parking lot in order for me to get some photos of the mountain.

We also stopped at Woodville Marina so  I could get some different photos of Canandaigua Lake.

While I was visiting with her grandpa, I did not take any photos of him.  Instead I enjoyed the time with him.  Skip, his dog, enjoyed having me throw his ball into the kitchen area where he would fetch it and bring it back to me so I could throw it once again.  Sometimes he caught it in the air.

After visiting with her grandpa, we decided to drive back up to Canandaigua to the Wegmans so we could get lunch and picnic by the lake.  On our drive back, we stopped at a little rest area to get photos of the woods and some of the lake.  It was supposed to be a scenic view of the lake.  Instead we saw mostly trees.

Join me next time for our picnic lunch on Canandaigua Lake.

Have a magical day,

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