Downtown Charleston – Day 5 Part 5

After we were finished with the Aquarium, we decided to visit downtown Charleston.  We found out that in certain areas you can park for free.  Okay, you have only an hour to be parked there.  But not paying anything to park is great.

I have a lot of photos to share so I am not going to share a slideshow like last time.  Plus some of the collages / photos need an explanation.


When we went in 2013, I took a cooking class at a business that has since closed.  Bakehouse Coffee Shop is located near where the business was located.  Since we were back in Charleston, I decided to stop there.  I had the bourbon caramel latte.  Yum!



collage 1

Random Photos of Church Street


collage 2.jpg

St. Phillips Church and the cemetery across the street – The cemetery next to St. Phillip’s Church was under construction so I could not visit that cemetery.


collage 3.jpg

More of St. Phillip’s Cemetery – I love the fact they had random grave markers that just had letters instead of names.  I don’t know what that was about.  I just thought it was neat.


collage 4

The Circular Church Graveyard – I could not go into the cemetery so I just took photos from the gate.


collage 5.jpg

More random shots of Church Street



collage 6

All about Free Masonry in South Carolina – The building is the area where the first lodge was formed.


collage 7.jpg

The French Huguenot Church


St. Michaels

St. Michael’s Church – George Washington once worshiped there.



collage 8

More random photos


collage 9

Dock Theater Courtyard



collage 10.jpg

A gentleman working at the Dock Theater brought Hubby and I into the theater.  He showed us this painting and suggested I take a photo of Church Street looking down to St. Phillip’s Church.  Hubby watched out for traffic so I could get the photo.



collage 11

More of the Dock Street Theater


Join me next week for more photos of Folly Beach.

Have a magical day,

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