Letchworth State Park – Visitor’s Center, Inspiration Point, and Upper Falls (Blog Post 12)

After going to the Middle Falls, we went to the Vistor’s Center.  I finally found Hubby’s souvenir from my trip.  I found a magnetic that is a piece of wood from one of the trees in the park with the words Letchworth State Park etched into the magnetic.  So cool!

visitor center

After visiting the Visitor’s Center, we drove to Inspiration Point.  We were able to see the Upper Falls from Inspiration Point.

There was construction going on so we were not able to get any closer to the Upper Falls.  😦

inspiration point

Here are some random photos from Letchworth State Park.

randomrandom signsrandom 11random 10random 9random 8random 7random 6random 5random 4random 3random 2

Have a magical day,

The next blogs posts from my trip to Western New York are going to be the following.

  • Blog Post 13 – Visiting Molly’s Grandpa (Bristol Mountain, Woodville Marina)
  • Blog Post 14 – Back to Canandigua Lake
  • Blog Post 15 – Honoeye Lake
  • Blog Post 16 – Powder Mill Park
  • Blog Post 17 – Flight Home

After I’m finished with my trip to Western New York, I’ll start a series of photos from the Imaginative One and my trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Please leave me a message so I know you came and visited.

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