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Letchworth State Park – Tea Table (Wolf Creek), Middle Falls (Blog Post 11)

Have you ever been to a place that reminds you of a hymn that you have sung your whole life?  A hymn that was your grandpa’s favorite hymn.

I have spoken about this hymn and how Letchworth State Park reminds me of this song.

Today is the 14th anniversary of him leaving his physical body behind for a Heavenly body.  I miss him like crazy and wish he could have met the boys.  I always have said that he and Nick would have been best buddies.  They are so much alike.

Back to my blog post about Letchworth.

After hiking down and then back up the Helena Trail, we decided it was time to eat.  We went to an overlook called Tea Top.  When we got there, we got to see the White Water rafters.  One of the rafts got stuck on a rock so a lot of the people who were watching the whitewater rafting cheered when they finally got free.  The people in the raft all waved to us.

My lunch – So yummy!

The tables in the picnic area.

Here is more of the view from Tea Table.

adorable poodle table top

Gorgeous poodle

When we got done with the Tea Top area, we headed to the Middle Falls.  That is the area that reminds me of “How Great Thou Art.”

middle waterfall

I hope you enjoyed this piece of Heaven on Earth.

Join me next week for Inspiration Point, the welcome center, and the lower falls.

Have a magical day,

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