Seneca Falls – Women’s Rights Museum (Blog Post #9)

After we were finished with the museum in the Welcome Center, we walked down the street to the Women’s Rights Museum.

There is no admission to the museum which is a winner in my book.

When you walk into the museum, there are a bunch of statues which represent different people who were all key players in the Seneca Falls Women Convention in 1848.

One of the curators became one of those key players – Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  I enjoyed listening to her speak.

At the time of the 1848 convention, women were thought as properties of their husband.  They were to be seen not heard.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott were pioneers in breaking that thought process.  Even with them leading the way, women still have a long way to go because we are still not thought as equals.

One other key player was Fredrick Douglass.

After exploring the museum, we visited Wesleyan Chapel which is where the first convention was held.

I really enjoyed visiting Seneca Falls.  If you get the chance to visit Western New York, this town is a must see.  There is so much history in the town.

Instead of sharing each individual photos, I created a slideshow.  You can pause the slideshow whenever you want so that you can see the collages better.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Join me next week for our visit to Letchworth State Park.

Have a magical day,

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