Pittsford, NY, Erie Canal, and Barnes and Nobles (Blog Post #6)

After we finished visiting Lake Ontario and the lighthouse, we travel to Pittsford so I could see the Erie Canal.

So what is the Erie Canal?  Back in the 1820’s, they built this canal to connect the Hudson River to Lake Erie.  It was a way of moving goods from one area to another.  In Ohio, where I live, there was two canals built – Miami Erie Canal and the Ohio Erie Canal.  The Miami Erie Canal is in the Western part of Ohio where I live.  Both of those canals connected the Lake Erie to the Ohio River.

Since I learned about the Erie Canal in school, I wanted to see part of it in person.

While I was in Pittsford, I Facebook live the experience. I downloaded both of those videos and then uploaded them to Youtube so you can see the some of the canal besides in the photos. I apologize because the video may be shaky.

We stopped for some coffee once we got to Pittsford.
erie canal 2
The town and Erie Canal
erie canal 3
Erie Canal
erie canal 4
Cute little shopping area
erie canal 5
Schoen area of Pittsford
erie canal 6
Random photos
erie canal
Erie Canal
Schoen building


After we finished visiting Pittsford, we went to Trader Joes because Molly had never been there before.  She was so impressed with Trader Joes.  When we met up in Pittsburgh in the beginning of September, we stopped at the Trader Joes in that town twice.

After we were done at Trader Joes, we went to Barnes and Nobles to find some books to read.  It was there I found Karen White’s Folly Beach book.  I read through that book while on the trip.  Karen White is the author of the Tradd Street mysteries.  (Romance, Ghosts, and MysteryFamily Secrets, a Mysterious Reporter, and More GhostsA Teenager, More Family Secrets, and a Dollhouse)

Barnes and Nobles
Barnes and Nobles


I’m taking a break from these posts in October.  My focus during the next month is going to  be sharing gluten free recipes for my Write 31 2017.

We’ll be visiting Geneva, NY and the best lunch ever on the first Wednesday in November.

Have a magical day,

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