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Hotel Fun and Then Fish – Day 2 Part 1

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Hotel Fun

The boys decided they wanted to form a duck choir while we were in the hotel room.


The boys wanted to pretend they were T-Rexes. They ran around the room with part of their arm in their shirts.

After all the fun at the hotel, we checked out of the hotel and then went to the Greensboro Science Center. The science center had a ropes course, aquarium, children’s museum, and a zoo.



At the front of the aquarium is a sign with a flashing sea creature. It went too fast to get a good photo.


The otters – They had an area where you could climb in and get closer to the otters.




The science center had a HUGE octopus. He was out while we were there in the morning.

octopus #2.jpg

petting the manta rays.jpg

They had an area where you could pet manta rays. The boys loved being about to touch them.




They had a submarine that you could climb into so Hubby and the boys had to climb into it.


They also had a big tank of fish, sharks, and manta rays.

We only did a brief walk through of the aquarium because the boys were going to do the ropes course. They give you a time to do the ropes course. Our time was an hour after we got there.


The atrium of the science center

We had to walk through the atrium on our way to the zoo because the zoo is where the ropes course is located.



The cockatoo and Macaw


The Gibbons – They were so much fun to watch.


The lemurs


This peacock was walking around. I thought that was cool.

random #2.jpg

Random Shots


More random shots

red panda.jpg

Red Panda – The Wee One’s favorite animal. He was one happy child when he got to see it.


I loved the signs they had for all of the animals.



wee one.jpg

Hubby helping the Wee One get geared up for the ropes course.

imaginative one.jpg

The Imaginative One getting ready for the ropes course.

Join me next Saturday for the boys on the ropes course and more of the zoo.

Have a magical day,

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