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All because it was humid

It was Friday morning of our vacation.

I got early to walk the beach.

All of the sudden my camera was not working.  The photos were hazy.



What was wrong with my camera?  (Insert some not nice words.)

I tried wiping my lens because it could have been condensation.  Maybe it was the other end of the end of the lens.  Still nothing worked.  Everything was still hazy.

I sat down on the rocks trying to figure out what was wrong with my camera.IMAG3103

Sitting down on the rocks gave me clarity because I was almost ready to walk back to the beach house in a fury.  Or I might have tossed the camera in the ocean.

Once I had a  clear head, I decided to see if it was the sensor that was fogged up.  Once I cleaned the sensor, my photos became clearer.  No more hazy photos – My day was saved.

So why did my camera fog up so bad.

It was humid.

Now that my camera was defogged, I was able to continue on my walk.  That morning I walked for 2 hours.

Life was great once I figured out why my camera was not working.


Later that morning, it began to rain for two or three hours.  I’m glad I got out and walked before the rain.

Have a magical day,

Mama’s Losin’ It

10 thoughts on “All because it was humid

  1. I hate when the humid messes up my camera too. Looks and sounds like a lovely place to walk.

  2. The morning looks lovely. Living in Kansas, I know humidity well. While it’s not as bad as it is in the south, it can be stifling at times.

  3. Gorgeous picture! I live in the desert and when we have the smallest bit of humidity, which is rarely, it’s absolutely stifling to me. I wouldn’t fare well in high humidity. Don’t even get me started on my hair.

  4. Beautiful! My camera recently broke on me too and it was so aggravating, only to have it working fine a couple days later. I wonder if it was a humidity issue for me too and I didn’t even realize it!

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