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An Unforgettable Experience

5. Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from a previous February and write a poem or a blog post.

Five years ago, my family and I traveled to Pittsburgh during President’s weekend.  We have been to Pittsburgh many times so it was a challenge to find something new to experience.

Hubby researched attractions in the Pittsburgh area.  He ended up finding the National Aviary.  Since I was a teacher, I got to get in free.  (Since then they have discontinued this deal.)  So we decided I would do an animal encounter while we were there.

I chose the flamingo encounter.  Here are some photos from the encounter.  Some of the photos were taken by Hubby and some were taken by me on my iPhone.

It’s an experience I will never forget.  One of the flamingos preened me while I sat there.  I don’t know how to describe the feeling because it was different then anything I have ever experienced before.

(If you would like to see any of the photos better, you can click on them.)

Fun facts about flamingos:

They are pink because of the algae and shrimp they eat.

Their ankles are actually hidden in their feathers.

The joint on their leg is actually their ankle.

Their long legs help them wade in the water so they can forage for food.

For more information about the flamingo encounter, click on this link.  It’s different from when I did the encounter in 2012.

Have a magical day,

Mama’s Losin’ It

10 thoughts on “An Unforgettable Experience

  1. What an amazing experience that would be! They are such beautiful creatures. I didn’t realize that it’s black under their wings. What a great memory!

    1. I did a penguin encounter. Not there but through the Columbus Zoo. I took an educator class and they brought out a penguin 🐧. I got to pet the penguin. That’s also cool.

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