Apple Fest 2016 – Part 2

Yesterday I shared some of the photographs that I took while at the Apple Fest on Sunday.

Here are the remaining photos from the Apple Fest.
 photo IMG_6522_zps1h6kc3uz.jpg

 photo IMG_6523_zps8yxoqbnh.jpg

 photo IMG_6525_zps1xamysnt.jpg

 photo IMG_6526_zpsoat5sbv5.jpg

 photo IMG_6528_zpsjbaoefdq.jpg

 photo IMG_6530_zpsdcxmjz1q.jpg

 photo IMG_6532_zpsl7hpm55l.jpg

 photo IMG_6533_zps6gqw8ihw.jpg

 photo IMG_6536_zpsw7gi2wbq.jpg

 photo IMG_6540_zps9oeghh2h.jpg

 photo IMG_6541_zpsdsmolopr.jpg

 photo IMG_6544_zpswvohzk3a.jpg

 photo IMG_6547_zpssqlxi9bz.jpg

 photo IMG_6548_zpspixybrfc.jpg

 photo IMG_6550_zpsddwhustu.jpg

 photo IMG_6551_zpsoxpxmmd7.jpg

 photo IMG_6552_zpsefbhll1n.jpg

 photo IMG_6553_zpsuxoatmr1.jpg

 photo IMG_6554_zpsr30zyn4n.jpg

 photo IMG_6591_zpsv1xk2dft.jpg

 photo IMG_6594_zpsdnmrkhm1.jpg

 photo IMG_6595_zpsfvmyl0hm.jpg

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