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Dear Tanya (9/22/16)

Dearest Tanya,

How is Heaven?  Have you seen both grandmas and both grandpas?  If you have, please tell them how much I miss them.  Give them hugs and kisses for me.

Is Heaven like a family reunion?  Have you had any of the Hudnall traditional potluck foods of white salad or pecan tarts?  How about deviled eggs or olives?  Enjoy them for me please.

I read the list of fifty boyfriends to Aunt Missy and mom.  We just laughed and laughed at that list.  Then I read the brief descriptions we wrote for three of the men.  We decided that Laslo Lazzarine no longer works at the Kiss at Hershey Park.  Instead he has decided to be a Elvis impersonator.  He got tired of waiting on mom.  He’s given up on love since mom keeps rejecting him.

I saw him in Hollywood Studios back in 2014.
 photo HS 436 1_zpsppjjpf06.jpg

Today is the first day of fall.  You’ll get to see the beautiful brilliance of the leaves changing from Heaven.  You are so lucky because I love when the leaves change color.

My pastor has been talking about bucket lists at church.  Did you create one?  If so, I wish you had the chance to cross things off your bucket list.  Todd and I created one this summer.  Ours is simple.  We want to visit one or two zoos in each state. Okay maybe Hawaii and Alaska might be more challenging.  I also have a Disney bucket list.  In November, I am going to cross out some of the items off that list.  I want to visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge to photograph it and eat at 1900 Park Fare.  Both are being done.  You might be rolling your eyes right now because you know how I am about Disney.

I miss you dearly.

I love you!

Happy first day of fall!

Your annoying sister,


One thought on “Dear Tanya (9/22/16)

  1. I loved these letters to your sister. My older sister died 5 years ago, at 60, from breast cancer. Tomorrow she would’ve been 65! We lost our brother and dad 16 years ago. . .there’s just me and my sister and mom who keeps remarrying). My remaining sister/sibling is rather difficult and I often am angry that my older sister left me alone to deal with her and mom. 🙂
    Anyway, I wrote letters to my sister after she died, for about a year. I lost them when I changed computers when I retired 9 months ago. It’s probably for the best, as they would bring that sharp, stabbing grief back — instead of the scabbed over grief I’ve grown used to. This meant the world to me to read today.

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