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What to eat in the Dayton and Columbus, Ohio area – Coffee Shops and Ice Cream Shops

I’ve decided to share some of my family’s favorite local eats.
I’m going to start with two very important foods.  Okay one is a food and the other is a drink.  These are my favorite coffee shops and ice cream shops in the area.  I’ve provided links to all of the places.

Coffee Shops
  • Boston Stoker – They have a killer blueberry tea that is delicious over ice.  Yum!  A good coffee is their Highlander Grogg which you can buy the 1/2 pound or pound.
    Various locations around Dayton
  • Ghostlight Coffee – Their latte made with fig, vanilla, and black pepper syrup is so delicious.  I have also had the syrup in their iced coffee.  The black pepper gives it a little bit of a kick.  Oh, the cabin fever bulk coffee is wonderful.
    Close to downtown Dayton
  • Winan’s Chocolates and Coffee – Any place that you can get both chocolate and coffee is a place that has my business.  I love the chocolate covered strawberries and meltaways.  My sons love the buckeye candies from there.  They have seasonal lattes which are all yummy!
    Various locations around Dayton and Columbus
  • Hip-Stirs Coffee House – I enjoy the S’Mores flavored coffee.  They use Boston Stoker coffee.  If you want a small quiet coffee house, this is the place to go.
    It’s located close to exit 21 on I-70 in Brookville.  So if you are traveling on I-70 and need coffee, this would be a great place to go.
Ice Cream
  • Young’s Jersey Dairy – The best place ever to get ice cream.  Not only do you get ice cream, there is a quick service restaurant and a sit down restaurant there.  They have all kinds of activities for the family.
    My favorite treat there is the Cow Patty Shake.
    Located outside of Yellow Springs
  • Graeter’s Ice Cream – This is an ice cream shop founded in Cincinnati.  The raspberry chocolate chip ice cream is wonderful.
    Various locations and pints of ice cream are found in some grocery stores
  • Jeni’s Ice Cream – Yum!  If you want some different flavors of ice cream, this is one ice cream shop you should try.  I love the riesling-poached-pear-sorbet and coffee flavors from there.
    Various locations in the Columbus area
  • Inside Scoop – A local favorite – They serve Hershey’s brand ice cream.  If they are serving the apple pie flavored ice cream, it is SO good.  The chocolate chaos ice cream is also delicious!
    located in Fairborn

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