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Some of Our Eats – Niagara Falls and Toronto, Ontario – Part 2

Here are the pics from our eats from our Spring Break trip to Canada.  All these pictures are taken on my DSLR camera.

I’ve posted some links to various restaurants and descriptions of the various foods.  Those are in red.

 photo poutine collage_zpspvjs3rdd.jpg

Poutine – Hubby was all about trying poutine while we were up in Canada.  If you’ve never had poutine, it’s French fries, gravy, and cheese curds.  How can you go wrong with that combination?  These were taken in the Niagara Falls area.
 photo poutine collage 2_zpsjr7g6zfu.jpg

More poutine – This poutine was from a restaurant in the Toronto area.  All they sell is different versions of poutine – beef gravy or vegan gravy.  Yum!

 photo other eats_zps4eaq7sqm.jpg

More local foods –

Top left – Chocolate covered Rice Krispie’s treat
Top right – Maple infused apple candy – So good!
Bottom right – Maple sugar cream cookies shaped like maple leaves – Delicious!
Bottom left – Icewine Black Tea – We didn’t try it until we got home.  It is delicious!

 photo hershey store_zps7hs3ykyo.jpg

More treats from the Hershey Store in Niagara Falls.  I love chocolate covered strawberries so I couldn’t resist a strawberry covered in Hershey’s chocolate.  The Bear Cupcakes not mushed up.

Starting at the top left going clockwise:

  1.  Barbecued wings – We got this on a whim at the Hilton Hotel’s cafe.  The barbecue sauce used on the wings is a local Canadian barbecue sauce called Diana’s barbecue sauce.  These were the best wings I’ve had in a while.
  2. Hot dog from Souvenir City – Too much bun, not enough hot dog – Hot dog was tough.
  3. French fries
  4. Canadian burger with peameal bacon – Hubby was jealous when he saw my burger.
  5. Vegan pizza called the pig destroyer destroyer – Hubby’s cousin got it for us when we visited them in Toronto.

My friend came to visit us while we were in Niagara Falls.  She lives an hour and a half from Niagara Falls.  We ate dinner at an Italian place called My Cousin Vinny’s.  I had the fettuccine Alfredo and salad.  Yum!

More eats at the I-90 service area.  The Wee One wanted McDonald’s so that is what he got.  The Imaginative One got a McFlurry and a soft pretzel.

Kinder egg – These are illegal in the United States.  We tried some while we were in Niagara Falls and then at the last OnRoute rest area we stopped at before re-entering the United States.  Hubby was no impressed with the chocolate.  The boys enjoyed it though.

Eating Tims – In Canada, they call Tim Horton’s Tims.  By the end of the trip, the boys and I were calling it Tims.  Everything was written in English and French as you can see on teh bag by Hubby.

Spring Break 2016 #3 (570)

The rest areas on route 401 in Southern Ontario are called On Routes.  They have free Wi-Fi, a market place, a gas station, restrooms, and various restaurants.  There were four between Toronto and Windsor.  We stopped at 2 of them.  I found the Smoked Butterscotch Latte at the Starbucks so I decided to get one.  It’s so good.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of what we ate on the trip!

Happy eating,


2 thoughts on “Some of Our Eats – Niagara Falls and Toronto, Ontario – Part 2

  1. The pictures are great! I’m glad you enjoyed poutine! It’s the first thing I eat whenever I go back home. 🙂 And Tims, of course. 🙂

    1. We made sure we ate poutine and Tims. Hubby and I are going back to Ontario in July for a night or two. You better believe we’re going to eat Tims and poutine then.

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