Mom, What’s for Dinner? Week of January 27

I know’s it’s Tuesday and I’m finally typing out my menu for this week.  This Arctic blast of cold air has really been playing with my sinuses.  Last Thursday, I started out with a sinus headache.  It didn’t go away on Friday so I called off of work.  Saturday and Sunday were full of me stuffed up.  Yesterday I went to work for half of the day and then went to a training (professional development) in the afternoon.  Every time I would come in from the cold air, I would be stuffed up once again.  So frustrating.  Today we are at home because Ohio is getting wind chill values down into the negative 30’s.  I’m doing okay today but that is because I’m not going out into the cold air.

So what are we having for dinner?  This week consists of eating foods that we have in the house.

MondayCopycat I-Hop pancakes from the freezer, smoothies, and bacon

Tuesday – Ravioli, garlic bread, veggie, applesauce

Wednesday – Sausage, baked French fries, veggie


Friday and Saturday – Crockpot meals out of the freezer

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