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Mom, What’s for dinner? Week of Oct. 21

This week’s a strange week.  I’ve only got to cook dinner 3 times this week – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  So my method for planning those 3 days is this:  Go to my freezer.  Open it up.  What do I have that I need to eat up or cook up.  So it’s no real plan for this week.  

Monday – Hoison chicken with rice and veggie

Tuesday – Open up the freezer and find something to cook or eat up

Wednesday – ZooClues at the Columbus Zoo – Buffet style dinner – Hubby and I; boys are spending the night at the grandparents, so they have a rare treat – Kids’ Cuisines for dinner

Thursday – Open up the freezer and find something to cook or eat up

Friday – Chick Fil A (profits are going towards a mission of our youth group)

Saturday – Hubby is eating at a bonfire, and the boys and I are going to be at the Zoo for Boo at the Zoo

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