Menu planning

Mom, what’s for dinner? Week of May 13

So Friday night, I went out to the freezer to make a smoothie and it was OFF! Argh! Hubby walked on from work and informed me that the breaker tripped a day or so before. He didn’t realize the freezer was on the same circuit. He immediately fixed the problem but since I didn’t know the exact timeline of how long it was off, Saturday afternoon was spent throwing away most of the meat in the freezer. I restocked some of the meat and reorganized the freezer so that was nice.

On to this week’s menu:

Monday left-overs, chicken nuggets, fries

Tuesday meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggies

Wednesday BBQ chicken, quinoa, veggie

Thursday breakfast for dinner

Friday soup and sandwiches

Saturday eating at a World-a-fair We look forward to this every year. I can’t wait to eat the apple dumpling (not its real name) from the Netherlands, baklava from Greece, virgin piña colada from Puerto Rico, and a brats wurst from Germany. The music and entertainment is wonderful. Hubby and I were going to go on Sunday without the boys but they want to go so we are going on Saturday instead.

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