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Weekly Menu for week of Dec. 5

I’ve been bad about noting making a menu which causes me to figure out what we are going to eat late in the game.  I don’t have time for that because I get home from work and then have to automatically start dinner.  If I knew what I was going to make, it would make the transition easier.  I could get the prep ready beforehand or have hubby start the dinner.  The Wee One loves eat whatever you want night and has been asking for one this week which is driving me crazy.  We’ve decided that Thursday’s would be a perfect night for that.  They eat left-overs or make themselves a sandwich.  It is a more relaxed night for dinner. 

We usually go over to my in-laws for dinners on Sunday nights.  They are going to a potluck dinner and concert tonight so we are on our own for dinner.  Our dinner is going to be similar to what we have on Sunday nights.  The Wee One wanted to make it an eat whatever you want night so I allowed him to help with the menu.  He is satisfied with what is planned :).

Friday night, the school district I work for’s varsity football team went to a state championship game.  They figure the attendance rate was going to be low so they gave us the day off.  We have to make it up at the end of the year though.  Since I had Friday off, I used it to go grocery shopping without the crowds and boys.  There was a lot of manager specials on meat so I nabbed some.  My menus for the next few weeks are going to feature some of those meats.  By the way, the football team did end up winning the game.  They’ve been to state 3 times – 1981, 2010, and 2011.  This was the first time they won the state championship.  They also were undefeated this year which is impressive!

Now on to the menu,

Sunday – chicken in the crockpot, stuffing, mac and cheese, broccoli with cheese sauce, pretzel rolls

 Monday – bbq ribs in the crockpot, left-over mac and cheese, veggie

Tuesday – sweet and sour chicken using leftover chicken, rice

Wednesday – baked potato bar, raw veggies

Thursday – Eat whatever you like night

Friday – Homemade pizza, salad

Saturday – spaghetti or pasta with garlic bread made from depression era bread, salad

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