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Favorite books – Hannah Swenson series

I’ve decided to do a series of posts about books I enjoy reading or listening to on CD.  Some are adult series, while others might be children’s series. 

One of my favorite series is the Hannah Swenson series.  It’s a murder mystery series that involves Hannah, who owns a cookie shop in Lake Eden, Minnesota.  Hannah is famous for her baking skills and finding dead bodies, which drives her mother, Delores, batty.  With the help of her sisters, Michelle and Andrea, her cookie shop partner, Lisa, and one of her two on-and-off boyfriends, Norman, they track down the killer.  Her other on-and-off boyfriend, Mike, does not always like her investigating these murders.  In some of the books, Hannah finds herself in very tight situations, leaving the readers wanting to read more because they want to make sure everything is okay with Hannah.

An added bonus to the entertaining books is the recipes Joanna Fluke provides for the readers.  They range from cookies to casseroles or hot dishes, as they are called in Minnesota.  I have tried some recipes from her absolutely delicious books.  In fact, I have posted two of the recipes – Pretzel chocolate chip cookies and Watermelon cookies

I have read all of the books and several of them numerous times.  I hope you enjoy the series as much as I have.

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