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July Meals

I’m a gluten free pescatarian who can eat some milk products but not all. So I’m going to do something different this month. A few times during the week, I’ll cook for the family; however, now they are teenagers they have started to cook for themselves. This is a good skill to have once they move out plus their tastes are different then mine. Hubby’s eating habits have become irregular. Sometimes he’ll eat one big meal in the afternoon, so he doesn’t need me to cook him a dinner.

This month I’m going to be focusing on making myself individual meals that I can warm up. Sort of like frozen meals, but I’ll be the one who is cooking them. I got myself some Souper Cubes to make it easier. The meals will be portioned. I don’t eat that much at a time, so that will help.

Once school is back in session, I will have meals ready to go when I get home. Win-Win! I’m notorious for stopping for food on the way home because I don’t want to go home and cook. It doesn’t help that I’m off at 4 pm. My school has the latest release time for staff.

I’ve listed 3 meals each week with the exception of the first week. My plan is to cook at least 2 of those meals to freeze. I’ve already cooked 3 of the meals for this week. The only one that is left to cook is the black bean enchilada casserole.

Here are some meals I’m going to cook in July to prepare me for school:

Week of June 28:

  • Burrito bowls – rice, black beans, corn, cheese, and salsa – I am freezing the rice, cheese, and salsa separately and then the black beans and corn together. Next time, I’ll use my 2 cup Souper cube to do it together.
  • Tuna casserole
  • Shrimp fried rice
  • Black bean enchilada casserole

Week of July 5:

  • Chili with cheese and gluten free cornbread
  • Mac and cheese – Using gluten-free pasta
  • Taco meat

Week of July 12:

Week of July 19:

Week of July 26:

Happy cooking!


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