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Angel Oak

Near Charleston, there is the largest live oak east of the Mississippi River. The Angel Oak is located on John’s Island. It’s reported to be between 400 and 500 years old.

It’s free to visit but you need to make sure you are following the guidelines especially the one about not touching any of the limbs. They want to make sure the tree continues to survive for future generations to enjoy.

We stopped there the day after Christmas. When we got there, there were people there but it wasn’t too crowded. However by the time we left, the crowd had picked up. I loved the fact I was able to photograph the tree without too many people in the way unlike how it is in the summertime. There are always tons of people milling around because this tree is a must see. During pre-Covid time, you could bring a picnic lunch and eat while enjoying the tree. Now, you have to be masked up, follow the directed signs to the tree, and are not allowed to eat at the picnic tables.

Enjoy my photos of the Angel Oak!

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