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Lansing, Michigan – Part 1

Over Labor Day weekend, I was supposed to meet my friend up in Erie, PA. When that got cancelled because so many bad juju events were occurring in her life at that moment, Hubby decided I still needed to go away.

He told me to find a state within driving distance that we had not visited a zoo in. Well, the only two places were Tennessee and Michigan. After I chose Michigan, I then had to Google zoos in Michigan. I found the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing. Hubby wanted to go to Grand Rapids. Later, we were glad we had not gone there.

We drove up on Saturday morning and ended up visiting the grounds of the capitol building which reminded me of a castle in an European capital city. Since it was Labor Day weekend, we couldn’t go inside the building. Afterwards, we went to lunch at Grand Traverse Pie Company for lunch. I had a slice of the Michigan ABC pie – apples, blueberries, and cherries alongside my Mediterranean sandwich and salad.

Then we went to Biggby’s for some coffee. I tried the Butter Bear frozen latte’. So good. The barista was excellent. We enjoyed a brief conversation with us. She delighted Hubby by telling us that we had an accent.

When we got back to our car by the capitol building, we saw 2 wedding parties taking photos on the steps of the building. So neat.

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