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25 pounds of rice – Disney College Program Memories

When I arrived at Vista Way for my Disney College Program, I was randomly placed into an apartment with Internationals and one other American. The Internationals were on different time tables when they would arrive or leave from when my American roommate and I arrived and left the Disney College Program.

In December of my program, Lisa left for home. We soon got another roommate. Lisa was from the United Kingdom. Our new roommate was from China. Totally different cultures. Lisa was known from drinking her tea and biscuits – aka cookies. X ate more fresh veggies and rice.

I should do another blog post about how different the International program from China was to my program. It was interesting.

Anyway when X. showed up, we had 1 fridge for 6 people. We each had half of a shelf in the fridge. Mine was on the bottom. I don’t remember if it was on the left or right. Lisa’s had been on the other half of the bottom shelf so X. and I shared a shelf.

One day I came home and X. had basically taken over the fridge with all of her fresh produce.

However what amazed me was the 25 pound bag of rice she brought into the small kitchen. I had never seen anything like that before so I was in shock when I saw it. My program was done soon after she moved in so I don’t know where she stored the rice.

Don’t think I’m bashing X. It was just interesting seeing that 25 pound of rice sitting in my kitchen.

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