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On the Way to Fort Moultrie and Inside the Museum – Day 9 Part 3

Since it was very rainy, we could not play on the beach. We had already decided to take the boys to Fort Moultrie. With the weather, it was the perfect day for this activity.

Fort Moultrie was the fort built during the Revolutionary Time period. When the British fired on the fort, it was half built. The fort was made from palmetto trees and was able to withstand the cannon balls. The battle was the first victory for the 13 colonies.

The fort was built and rebuilt over the course of almost 170 years. It was in use until after World War II.

We had to cross the Ravenell Bridge in the rain which was crazy.

Enjoy my video of our drive to Fort Moultrie and the museum part of the fort.

Next week, I’ll share the video of some of the fort. The rain ended up stopping while we were in the museum.

Have a magical day!

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