Seneca Falls – The Visitor’s Center Museum (Blog Post #8)

While we were in Geneva, New York, the volunteer/ worker at the tourist information suggested Seneca Falls.  It was about 20 minutes east of where we were at that moment.  Molly had never been there before so we decided to take her advice.

She actually gave us two pieces of great advice.  Seneca Falls and Char Burrito Bar.

On our way to Seneca Falls, we drove through Waterloo, New York.  It claims the spot as being the first city in the United States to host a Memorial Day.  There are many other places that claim that they were the first.  However, Waterloo is recognized as being the first city.  If we were not on a tight schedule, we might have stopped to get a few more photos then I did get.


Once we entered the town, we visited the welcome center.  We were pleasantly surprised because inside the welcome center was a free museum about the history of Seneca Falls.

Seneca Falls is where the first woman’s convention was held in 1848.  I’ll have more about the convention in my next blog post.

Seneca Falls is also known for their industry.

Supposedly Seneca Falls was the inspiration for Bedford Falls in It’s a Wonderful Life.

seneca falls 2

The museum was divided into the upstairs and the downstairs.  The downstairs was more dedicated to the products that were produced in Seneca Falls.  The upstairs had some of that but other displays.


seneca museum 5
This display was to show how big the Erie Canal really was and where the Erie Canal is located.  The photo does not do it justice.  It was massive.
seneca museum 7
This is about the New York Turnpike and how quickly people could get from Albany to Buffalo compared to how long it to the Iroquois many years prior.

seneca museum 6

seneca museum 4
The first steam fire engine was developed in Seneca Falls and there was a company who developed pumps.
seneca museum 3
The Erie Canal was an important part of their lives.


seneca museum 1
At the front of the museum – The mints they provided were delicious.
ringing the bell
There was a bell there that had been manufactured in the hamlet/ town.  We were actually allowed to ring the bell.  Of course, we couldn’t pull on the cord tightly.


Here are few of the products produced in the Seneca Falls area.

seneca museum 8seneca falls stoveseneca museum - washing machineseneca falls museum tv tubeSeneca Falls museum table sawseneca falls museum clockseneca falls knittingdesk

Join me next Wednesday for photos from the Seneca Falls Women Convention Museum.

Have a magical day,


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