Sunset at Canandaigua Lake (Blog Post #3)

“Join me on Wednesdays for photos of my trip to Rochester, New York.”

After going to the mall, we went back to Molly’s house.  Her husband cooked us P.F. Chang’s lettuce wraps for dinner.  Yum!

Even though we wanted to go to Scoops for ice cream, we were too full.  That did not stop us from going to see the sunset at Canandaigua Lake.

Did you know that Humphrey Bogart had a summer home on Canandaigua Lake?  I found that piece of trivia.

Canandaigua Lake is known for their historic boathouses.  People cannot live in the houses.  It’s more of a garage for their boat with a little living space.  They are not allowed to have running water in the boathouses.

boat houses 2boat houses 3boat houses

random decorations on boat houses

Walking around the Canandaigua Lake Historic Boathouses (I was talking about the Red Lighthouse in Holland, Michigan.)

Molly and My Shadow – What a great way to get a selfie.  LOL!


Various signs at the pier

signssigns 2

Views of the Lake and Pier at Sunset

waterpiercollagecanandigua lakecanandigua lake 2

After we left the boathouse/ pier area, we went to the public park area.  There was an anatomically correct horse statue called Hanging Hoof.

hanging hoof

They had started to build a hotel but the hotel ran out of money.  It’s now a shell of a hotel.  Our running joke was that Molly was going to make me stay there because I could not pronounce Canandaigua.


More signs near the hotel area

signs 3

I have more photos of the Canandaigua Lake area that I’ll share in a future post.  We had a picnic lunch there on Sunday afternoon.

Join me next Wednesday for our visit to the Seneca Park Zoo where I got to cross visiting a zoo in New York off my list.

Have a magical day,

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