“I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane” (Blog Post #1)

“Join me on Wednesdays for photos of my trip to Rochester, New York.”

Have you heard of the song “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane” by Peter, Paul, and Mary?

I flew to Rochester, New York on June 7 with a short layover in Philly.

I lucked out because I never had a seat mate on either flight.  There was a possibility that I could on the first flight but no one sat next to me.  On the second flight, the one side of the plane only had single seats so there was no one next to me.

When I was on the first flight, I realized that my camera’s battery was in the bag that I had valet checked in on the flight bridge.  So all of my photos were taken on my cell phone.

waiting for the plane
Waiting on my plane to Philadelphia
filght to Philly.jpg
Flight to Philly
My lunch in the Philadelphia airport.  A chicken burger from Smashburger.  I also had sweet potato fries.  They were not very good. My favorite part of my lunch was my smoothie.
philly airport
Terminal F of the Philadelphia Airport – In order to get to any of the other terminals, you have to take a shuttle because this terminal is separated from the main building.
flight to Rochester
My flight from Philadelphia to Rochester
rochester airport.jpg
The Rochester Airport

Join me next Wednesday.  We’ll be visiting the Walt Disney Elementary, Park Avenue, and the mall.

Have a magical day,

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