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Be Careful Of Those Cats

Whenever I backed up my car, I would have to make sure I did not run over a feral cat.

You are probably wondering what I’m talking about.  I’ve spoken about how the year anniversary of my sister’s death is on Monday.

When she was alive and lived with my mom, there were feral cats all over their apartment complex.  They lived in the empty lot next door but would wander over to their parking lot.  Residents, including my mom and sister, would feed them.   Well, duh!  They were going to keep staying around because they knew someone would give them food.

There must have been a lot of inbreeding going on with those cats.  Brothers mating with sisters, cousins, etc. . .

The cats would not allow you to pet them which is probably a good thing.  Who knows what kind of diseases they carried.  No one wants cat scratch fever.

So why am I talking about the feral cats at my mom and sister’s old apartment.  As the anniversary of Tanya’s death quickly approaches, I’m reminded of her love of cats.  Even though these were feral cats, she truly did love them.  That’s why she fed them.

Mom and Tanya would provide primitive shelter for the cats when it became cold and snowy.

I was also reminded of these feral cats when I was looking for more photos of Tanya for my Celebrating Tanya’s Life photo album on Facebook.  I found these photos from March 2011.  I had gone to pick up Tanya for a trip to the zoo.  I decided to take some photos of the cats that were hanging around their apartment.

I haven’t seen the feral cats since 2 days after her death since Mom moved closer to my house.

I’ll always remember trying not to hit a feral cat while backing up when I visited my sister.





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