My Top Ten Pixar Movies

I got a new book called “My Top Ten.”  It’s a journal with topics such as “My Top 10 Favorite Artists” or “My Top 10 People I Would Have Lunch With.”  I bought it to help with possible blog topics.

I’ve decided that every Friday I’m going to share a list from the journal.

Today ‘s Top 10 is My Top 10 Pixar Movies.

  1.  Toy Story

    Image result for toy story photos

  2. Finding Nemo

    Image result for Finding Nemo

  3. Cars

    Image result for cars the movie

  4. Wall-E – The Imaginative One’s favorite movie when he was a little one.

    Image result for walle

  5. Big Hero 6

    Image result for big hero 6

  6. Brave

Image result for brave movie

7.  Toy Story 3

Image result for toy story 3

8.  Monster’s Inc.

Image result for monsters inc

9.  Up

Image result for Up

10.  Inside Out

Image result for inside out

Join me next week for when I discuss my Top 10 Places I want to see before I die.


What is your favorite Pixar movie?

Have a magical day,


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