Books I Read This Summer – Part 2

Here are the remainder of the books that I read this summer.

Death by Tiara (A Jaine Austen Mystery #13)Death by Tiara by Laura Levine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Trouble at High Tide (Murder, She Wrote, #37)Trouble at High Tide by Jessica Fletcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. Jessica was invited down to Bermuda for a week of relaxation. On her first night there, her plans were derailed when there was a murder. Jessica investigated the murder while enjoying what suppose to be a relaxing vacation.

Even though there weren’t too many suspects, Jessica had to work through all of the tension within the victim’s family. It made for a good read.

This was the first Murder She Wrote book but it won’t be the last. I really enjoyed the pacing of the book. With Donald Bain’s description of the area of Bermuda, I was able to create a picture of the beach Jessica’s cabin was located on.

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Destination Murder (Murder, She Wrote, #20)Destination Murder by Jessica Fletcher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed reading this book.

Jessica was on a trip with her friend Reggie. They were traveling with his Train and Rail Club to Vancouver, British Columbia. Once in Vancouver, they were going to take a three day train ride through the countryside of British Columbia. However tragedy occurs while they are on the train. Jessica helps investigate the murder of one of the members of the Train and Rail Club.

After reading this book, I want to travel in British Columbia. The scenery sounds absolutely gorgeous.

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Lowcountry Boil (A Liz Talbot Mystery, #1)Lowcountry Boil by Susan M. Boyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved this book. Liz is a Private Investigator who has moved from her hometown years ago. When her grandma is murder, she moves back to Stella Maris, South Carolina to help solve her grandma’s murder.

She gets help from her friend Colleen, a guardian of the island. Colleen had died 14 years previously. I thought this was an interesting twist to the story.

I ended up listening to the story rather than reading the story. The narrator had a Southern accent which made it a pleasant listening experience.

The author takes the reader/ listener through so many twists and turns that makes the reader want to know more. I highly recommend this book.

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Vi Agra Falls (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries, #24)Vi Agra Falls by Mary Daheim

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Judith’s husband’s ex-wife is back in town. You never know what Vivian, aka Herself, is going to be up.

The reader is given some background information about Herself in the book. That background information can be confusing at times while reading. Renie, Judith’s cousin, at one point told Judith that a family tree was needed when discussing Herself’s marriages and children. That is so true for the reader.

I would suggest reading this book when you have time to actually concentrate on the book so you are not confused by all the characters introduced in the book.

Oh, Joe frustrated me at times because he seemed to be at Herself’s beck and call. She’s your ex wife. Judith is your current wife. I felt as though he needed to grow a backbone at times.

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Cloche and Dagger (Hat Shop Mystery, #1)Cloche and Dagger by Jenn McKinlay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Scarlett is down on her luck in love. Her cousin asks her to come to England to help with their grandma’s hat shop, Mim’s Whims. When she gets to the shop, Viv is nowhere to be found. Then there was a murder of one of their customers. Scarlett needs to get acclimated to England while dealing with the murder, wondering where her cousin is, and staying out of harm’s way because someone is trying to harm her.

This was such a good book. I enjoyed the pacing of the story. I also enjoyed Scarlett and Harrison’s relationship. Harrison helps with the financial side of the shop. Is there going to be a relationship between Scarlett and Harrison or are Harrison and Viv a couple? I want to read more books in the series to find out.

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A Deadly Cliché (A Books by the Bay Mystery #2)A Deadly Cliché by Ellery Adams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. Olivia lives in Oyster Bay, North Carolina with Captain Haivland, her standard poodle.

Oyster Bay has been plagued by murders and robbers by the Cliche’ Killers. Olivia and her friends are helping figure out who these killers are before more people are robbed or killed. There is a secondary mystery involving a mysterious letter.

The main character seems in control of her life. She thrives on being an independent lady.

I’m wondering if there is going to be a relationship with Olivia and the police chief.

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Hula Done It? (Passport to Peril, #4)Hula Done It? by Maddy Hunter

I am loving this series of books. For me, they are quick reads with just enough humor to keep me interested.

Emily Andrew is on a Halloween cruise around the Hawaiian islands. A professor who specializes in James Cook fell off the side of the cruise ship. Emily and her trusty tour group of senior citizens are up to the challenge of finding out what happened to Dorian Smoker, the professor.

Notable highlights of the story:
There is something to do with extra size condoms in the book. It’s hilarious.
Also the treasure hunting is very interesting.

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