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Mom, What’s For Dinner? ~ Week of November 4

Can you believe it’s November already?  I sure can’t.  Soon it will be Thanksgiving, and then it will be the Christmas season.  We decided to go light with Christmas gifts for the boys this year.  Their big gift comes in late March/early April when we go to Disney.  Or do you mean Santa will get them something small so they have something to open on Christmas morning?  

This week is my semi-annual parent-teacher conferences (late October/early November and then February).  My principal ensures we are all fed, so I don’t have to pack two meals.  However, the boys at home still need to be fed.  

Monday – pork chops and gravy sandwiches, chips, and hopefully veggie or fruit (Parent-teacher conferences for myself)

Tuesday – Chicken soup and either pretzel rolls or biscuits

Wednesday – bramble beans with either pretzel rolls or biscuits

Thursday – Teriyaki bbq chicken legs and baked rice

Friday – slow cooker meatballs and spaghetti sauce over spaghetti, salad

Saturday – ?????  Maybe breakfast for dinner or pizza.

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